Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Do We Need Billy's Law?

How could anyone oppose an opportunity to find a missing loved one?
Finally a centralized database ... all information available about the missing person in one central place ... like one stop shopping entered into a database ~ it is like having a million eyes watching.  By supporting ... The Help find the Missing Act ... Billy's Law (if it becomes law) will help expedite the education and introduction (in some cases) into the Law Enforcement & Medical Examiners because it offers incentives to educate law enforcement in this country.

If someone you love so dearly goes missing you want the solution yesterday not tomorrow.
Families get so frustated law enforcement is not doing enough, well here is the wake up call, an opportunity to become more CSI like you see on tv. A person can still be alive and the NamUs database can still be utilized to help bring them home.

(by Jan Smolinski, Billy's Mom)

3 Simple Steps to Help Find the Missing - Billy's Law