Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make History - Participate in the passing of Billy's Law

The following video is a simple version of the revolutionary action that is currently going on regarding Billy's Law, The Help Find the Missing Act ...

We are currently at status point = (S3019) Senate Judiciary Committee.

At this time (especially now through August 9th) it is of essential importance that all of us contact each member on the Committee and encourage them to co-sponsor Billy's Law.

Here's how to go about that in 3 simple and very easy steps ...
1. Copy/Paste this letter located HERE
2. Go HERE to find contact info for Senators on the United States Judicial Committee
3. Fill out the form on each of their individual websites (copy/paste the letter in the remarks area) and click send ...

S. 3019 would authorize funding for, and increase accessibility to, (NamUs.Gov) the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, to facilitate data sharing between such system and the National Crime Information Center database of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to provide incentive grants to help facilitate reporting to such systems.