Monday, July 5, 2010

Join the Billy's Law Campaign for much needed Senate Judiciary Co Sponsors!

We All Must Act Now - Send an EMAIL to Judiciary Committee Members on their website!

The way the bill is taking its course has changed. Instead of expediting it through the system it will be going through the normal process. Right now there are nineteen Judiciary members one of them happens to be Senator Coburn so asking him to co sponsor is great. I wish he would reconsider how important the bill is for present and future families.

There are eighteen other members, one is a co sponsor already from New York, the rest need to be contacted and asked to co sponsor. If you could include a few lines about the disappearance of your missing loved one it would help.

A list of members and contact numbers are provided. If you ARE a state resident of one of the nineteen co sponsors a phone call and/or email from your Senator's contact information on their site will be acceptable please include if possible a few lines about your personal story if applicable.

July 4-11 there will be a recess and most Senators will be traveling to their home state. At this time they will be making appearances and face to face would be the best to ask for co sponsorship of the bill. They need to know there is support for this explaining your story and how it has affected your life will add to the need for a bill such as Help Find the Missing Act. If the state you live in includes one of the nineteen Senator Judiciary members, by going onto their web site, a list of places where they will be appearing will be provided.

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